SPA in your home!
Construction - Design - equipment sales and installation - project management



We have years of experience in building various saunas. 
* Finnish sauna construction
* Steam sauna construction
* Infrared sauna construction

* Sanarium construction
* Sauna house construction

Projekteerimine Ja konsultatsioon


Some people do not want to outsource work and prefer to do it themselves.
Often, however, do-it-yourselfers lack knowledge and help is needed here.
We offer consultation and design so that the sauna you make would be exactly as it should be!
The insulation, air movement and general structure of the sauna is very important, so that instead of a mediocre sauna room, you will get a sauna that provides an exquisite experience!

Equipment Sales And Installation


We help you choose the right equipment according to your needs and offer their installation.
The choice of equipment must be based on their capacity, size, usage load and the desire of your sauna experience. The right choice is a prerequisite for a good sauna!

Project Management


If you have a larger type of building in mind, and you need more knowledge and someone who would manage the project, you have come to the right place. We offer the opportunity for cooperation so that the construction of your object is carried out correctly and with high quality.

* Procurement of material and getting the best prices.

* Supervision of your workers

* Communication with end customers regarding the sauna